Do you know who has your passwords?

Do you know who has your employees’ passwords?

Web sites get hacked all the time, passwords get breached,
and the data gets sold in the dark web.

Let us help you.

How does it work?

Upload Employee List

Upload your staff list by CSV from your Google Workspace or Office 365 account. Or any other CSV; as long as it has email addresses we can import it.

We Monitor For Breaches

We monitor for breaches in third party vendor accounts held by your employees, so that you know when accounts and passwords are compromised.

Direct staff alerts

We notify each employee directly about the need to change or reset their passwords, and provide you with a dashboard of all fixed and outstanding breaches.

Your Dashboard

See open and closed breaches at a glance.

Employee Action Page

See open and closed breaches at a glance.


Free whilst we are in beta
Free until your first breach
Free until we provide value to you